Wheelchair Positioning Products
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About Us

      Heart Mobility was founded in 2009 by a mechanical engineer who saw a special need in the marketplace for custom product.  Throughout the years the company has evolved into a more commodity based reseller with a very special mission.

      Our commitment is to bring global durable medical equipment to main street businesses.  Each product is engineered and designed with customer centric principles and the highest level of quality.

      Our process here is very unique from other businesses in our industry.  We believe that no matter how small or how large the business the price of the purchased good should not change.  What this means for our customers is that every business will have the same advantage. 

      Heart Mobility also offers over 100 products in small to very large quantities for 24 hour shipping and even same day shipping if need be.  If your stuck in a jam and need something right away just ask chances are we have it on our shelf and ready to be shipped to you.

     Even though are business has evolved into mostly commodities based items our engineers still love the custom programs.  If you have a problem or need something made just ask.  We can do it!

    Also we are evolving into a serviced based company as well offering medical dealers the option to have everything completely installed by our skilled technicians.  Call for details on this new endeavor!